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Base Shoe Rounds

Baseboard Molding

Base shoes are primarily used to trim flooring materials and are often used in combination with a traditional baseboard to conseal variations between the flooring and the base. However, this versatile profile works great to solve numerous trimming needs.

Full rounds are used for numerous purposes and projects. Some of the more common uses are closet poles, curtain rods and towel rods.

Half rounds, a cross section of this profile looks like a half circle, used primarily as decorative trim and it works as a trim piece for wall paper or to add a decrative pattern to flat panels. This profile can also be used to pur a rounded edge on 3/4" shelving.

Quarter Rounds come in several sizes and serve a variety of functions but are most used to finish inside corners.

Our base shoes and rounds can be found in a variety of materials such as Lightweight MDF (Ultralite), Hemlock and Wood Finger Jointed Pine.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018